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Tendulkar straight drive and two bowleds

Sachin Tendulkar’s struggle: It’s not about the body, it’s about the breaks

Tweet  From a moment of unadulterated joy to one of dreadful horror, the pendulum of my emotions swung faster than the arrival and departure of Afridi at the crease.

ajit agarkar super pic

Is it the end of Agarkar or do we see another comeback?

Tweet The fans will never get a hint of the dynamics of Mumbai cricket and the equations shared within the dressing room. They do not need to know that. However, what they know is that Ajit Agarkar walked out of the team and took the next available flight from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai after being dropped […]


Deciphering Aakash Chopra

Tweet  So Aakash Chopra’s monumental achievement of 10000th first class run has placed him alongside some of the greatest batsmen of world cricket but there is an essential trait of his that differentiates him from the rest. In a country like India where cricketers prefer to live in their own incubated cells he has turned […]

tamil nadu


Tweet  This article is an insight on one of the teams in Ranji Trophy – India’s premier domestic tournament. Those following Indian cricket will know what I mean to say. While Mumbai has been the dominant force of Domestic field in India, last two decades have seen two teams constantly challenging Mumbai from south zone […]