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sachin 100th 2

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar: An Endless Story Begins

Tweet  Fasten your seat belts, words are about to come from within A story of a warrior is just about to begin!


Salute to Indian Hockey Team

Tweet  It’s been a wonderful few weeks, Thanks to ‘’Men in Blue with hockey sticks’’! With great technique and mind blowing tricks, Entertained to the core by undisputed champs of the Olympics!


Sachin 200dulkar

Tweet  My heart was beating but said all would be fine, when God was on a nervous 199!

shahid afridi pic poem

Shahid Afridi: Superman Of Pakistan

Tweet      17 years before, A prospect knocked on Pakistan’s door A versatile talent had rocked the cricketing Floor A breath-taking journey took off at the speed of  jet 4th OCT 1996, a date Sri Lankans might never forget


Sachin Shoaib Rap

Tweet  Knock Knock, who am I? I am Shoaib, I used to be the fastest guy! Fiercest I was, always made the batsmen cry Controversially yours, I never ever tell a lie!