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cummins fresh faces

Fresh Faces to Fancy

Tweet   “Men may come and Men may go; But I go on forever” – It is not just River Thames in Wordsworth’s poem. Our game of Cricket runs despite all the controversies and muggings over it in the recent times, in the past and will continue to be so in future. Every now and […]

sachin article sidhanta

Making mockery of Tendulkar’s 100th 100

Tweet  It is not rocket science to see through the hype and expectations circling that still elusive 100th international century of Sachin Tendulkar. It is a safe bet to assume that if he would have been a citizen of another cricketing nation then this milestone would have come earlier than this 8 months hiatus. While […]

tamil nadu


Tweet  This article is an insight on one of the teams in Ranji Trophy – India’s premier domestic tournament. Those following Indian cricket will know what I mean to say. While Mumbai has been the dominant force of Domestic field in India, last two decades have seen two teams constantly challenging Mumbai from south zone […]


Redemption of Azharuddin, the person

Tweet  It was a mistake that could have been avoided and if the clock can be turned back then the script might get re-written but that is not to be. To err is human and Mohammed Azharuddin like many other souls blinded by power and fame got caught in a moment where his judgement failed […]

kambli 2

Match Fixing, Vinod Kambli, Azharuddin and the Reporter

Tweet    The match fixing issue has come to light once again and after the startling revelations by Vinod Kambli about the 1996 World Cup Semi-final match against Sri Lanka being fixed, our Sporting Madness reporter, Jigar Mehta, decided to throw some more light on what exactly had happened during the course of that match. […]